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The Numbers 
• The margin of victory in most golf tournaments is one single shot after approx. 45,000 shots by 156 players 
44% of Sales people give up after one follow up 
80% of successful Sales require five follow ups 
63% of people who request information on your company will not buy for at least three months 
63% of your audience remember stories whereas only 5% remember statistics – the last 5 minutes of any presentation is the most memorable – End with a WOW factor 93% of converted leads are contacted on the 6th attempt. 
• On the phone 86% of our communication is tone and only 14% is the content 
90% of first time voicemails are never returned 
• Each year we lose 14% of our customers 
50% of sales go to the first person to contact the prospect 
• What are your numbers ? 
During the recent American presidential election Donald Trump used the following words more often than any others; 
Stupid, Weak, Loser, We, They, Politically Correct, Moron, Smart, Tough, Dangerous, Bad, Lightweight, Amazing, Huge, Tremendous, Terrific, Zero, Out-of-Control, Classy and Splendid.  
These words were carefully chosen to have the maximum impact on his audience with quite spectacular results. Time will tell if he can live up to the expectations he has raised. 
However when writing our marketing messages here are some words you should avoid as per Steve Tobak: 
Marketing is a strategy, it’s the decisions that are made around what has been known since the 60’s as the Four P’s. 
ProductPricePromotion and Place, in 1981 three new elements were added, Physical Environment, People and Process, however most marketing strategies in SME’s still focus on the original Four P’s. 
The purpose of a marketing strategy is to set the company on a specific course in marketing which is aligned with the overall objectives of the business. 
For most businesses strategic decisions concerning the company’s product range, pricing strategy and sales strategy are fixed for the medium term. However strategic decisions around a promotional strategy are influenced by the success or failure of the chosen strategy on an ongoing basis. 

In 2017 it was estimated that every second 2,500,000 emails were sent, that equates to approximately 206 billion per year. 

Business emails sent are 120,000,000 per day. 10% of emails bounce and approximately 20% are opened, this means that 70% of all emails are never read. 

If you are using email marketing to develop business and grow sales you may be disappointed with the result, the big benefit of emails is that they are free. 
If you decide to write to your prospects you can be sure of one thing, all letters are opened. 
Letters are perceived to be more personal but there is a cost and it obviously takes longer to reach the customer but guaranteed to be opened and read.Click on this text to edit it. 

It is estimated that there are up to 3,000,000 blogs posted every day, if that’s true then how do you get heard or noticed. 

What is blogging? 
It’s described as a place to express yourself to the world, a journal or diary that is on the internet! 
Here are 10 useful tips for a marketing campaign. 
1. Begin with the end in mind, know what you want your marketing campaign to achieve. 
2. Profile your client, in particular know exactly what kind of marketing stimulus they respond to (analogue or digital). 
3. Fish where the fish are. 
4. Have a compelling offer, a call to action. (Headline - Call to action - Deadline). 
5. Be consistent with your message, do not confuse your target audience. 
6. Set goals that are SMART, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timed. 
7. Measure the outcomes compared to your expectations. 
8. If any companies outside of your target market contact you find out what brought your company to their attention. 
9. Look for feedback/testimonials from satisfied customers. 
10. If prospects don't buy, get feedback as to why, is it the arrow (the offer) or the Archer (you). 
When evaluating the effectiveness of your campaign take note of what yielded the best results and use these marketing methods again. 
Do you ever feel that when it comes to promoting your business you're not getting the kind of returns you hoped for? 
• That the marketplace is not listening? 
• Maybe the reason why you're not getting the kind of response you had hoped for is that the message you are sending out is not relevant to that audience. 
• You must fish where the fish are and if you are not catching the kind of fish you want then you are either using the wrong bait or fishing in the wrong place. 
• How do you profile your ideal clients? 
• What do you know about them? 
• How would they find you or you them if they needed your product or services?Click on this text to edit it. 
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